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China Agricultural Water Pump Factory

China Agricultural Water Pump Factory

2021-02-15 19:22

Shandong Dong E Shengquan Machinery Co. Ltd. was established in 2011. With the strongly support and full reliance of our customers, with nearly 20 years’ hard work and development, with the mature professional experience, the “Wanlu Water Pump” has developed into a well-known brand of agricultural water pump products in North China. The main products cover all kinds of centrifugal clean water pumps, high pressure sprinkler pumps, high pressure drip irrigation pumps, mixed flow pumps, self-priming pumps, diesel pump units, gasoline pump units, motor pump units, QS series submersible pumps, polyethylene water hoses and steel plate bottom valve, which are more than 100 varieties.

In 2017, Shengquan Machinery Co., Ltd. has invested large sums of money in building a production base in Wenling (Zhejiang), which is the birthplace of water pump, to expand its product line and to achieve the goal of one-stop purchase of pump products. The base is mainly responsible for the production of QDX/QX series submersible pumps, the QD/Q series multi-stage submersible pump, the QY series oil-immersed submersible pump, WQ/WQD series sewage disposal pump, WQAS series cutting sewage submersible pump, QJ/QJD series well-use multi-stage submersible pump, QGD series screw submersible pump, JET series jet pump , WZB-ZN series smart self-priming pump, QB series clean water pump, CPM series high lift centrifugal pump, DK / NF / LHF series centrifugal pump and other products. Relying on perfect quality system, advanced production technology, complete testing equipment, thereby to make the product quality and performance are at the domestic advanced level.

Looking forward to the future, Shengquan Machinery Co., Ltd will continue to introduce talents, advanced production technology and scientific management concepts with a new attitude, and to keep on making progress and innovation, and providing better products as well as more intimate services for our customers.

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